Ozark Action West Plains Missouri

When Ozark Action approached us there was a problem.  Although they had a web developer build their site this web developer was rarely available to make needed updates.  We enjoy helping local community services stay up and running but a new site was not in the budget.  Ozark Action help those in need find help with all kinds of things like electric bills, heating, cooling, weatherization, community projects, housing, and head start programs.  It was a shame to see that their web sites annual report was more than 2 years old.  Also Ozark Action provides many jobs in the area, jobs that were impossible to post on their website.  Enter Suit7, we kept the old site and found all source code files then brought their site up to date.  Since then we are happy to say that anytime a update is needed one of the staff at Suit7 makes the required updates with in 48 hours.  Ozark Action provides vital community services to our home area and we are very pleased with the opportunity to help keep their web site running and up to date.