This is an example of typical website hosting HTML and WordPress.  Websites requiring web-apps, custom functions or programming will have varying prices.

Hosting is $40/month billable annually.

Hosting includes:

  • Domain hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Server maintenance and updates
  • Security updates to WordPress (if applicable)
  • Security updates to all Plugins or extensions(software that helps Websites work correctly)
  • Security updates to the server
  • Real time website security
  • Daily security scans
  • Annual security vulnerability/penetration test (looking at your site from a hacker’s perspective)

You may notice many of the features are involving security.  Website security is absolutely necessary in today’s online world.  Even though you are not keeping people’s personal information, security is needed to keep hackers from installing malicious software in your website.  Hackers love to attach malware to reputable websites so that they can infect visitors to the website.  We strive to stay on top of hacker and security trends to keep our websites as secure as possible.