SUIT7 now developing for iOS and Android devices

App development company SUIT7 of south central Missouri announced today that mobile applications on both the iOS and Android operating systems are now available. The iOS operating system runs on the Objective C programming language, while Android runs primarily on the Java programming language. While many admire the special attributes an iPhone offers, there are many more Android devices in operation and now clients have the option to deploy their apps on both devices.

“It is really awesome to have an app in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. That way the apps are available to nearly every smartphone in America,” said Jody Shackelford, Chief Technical Officer of SUIT7. “A client can come to us with the need to update their first generation app or a brand new app idea. Then we can taken them through the development process from beginning to end without any headache. One developer, multiple platforms.”

SUIT7 started in the fall of 2013 as a joint venture between Shackelford and CEO, Justin Jones.

“My company was looking for a solid development team and Jody was looking for a solid sales and business side to his company. It made sense to join forces. We chose the name SUIT7 because our products fit our clients needs and budget like a fine suit and of course 7 is our lucky number.”

SUIT7 is currently serving new clients. They encourage individuals and businesses alike to contact them for a free discussion about their app needs. Contact SUIT7 at