Why does my website need security?

We get this question all the time!

“Why does my website need security?  We do not take anyone’s personal information or sell anything.  We don’t need that.”

The simple truth is security is necessary for everything connected to the internet.

But Why?

Hackers use reputable sites to distribute malware to unwary users.  People who access the web trough old out dated browsers such as Internet Explorer are easily infected.  Once infected the person’s computer can help hackers carry out their plans.  This infected computer can be used for many functions such as helping a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service attack).  A DDOS is when a network of infected computers are used to simultaneously attack a target.  This same method was used in the DDOS attack that brought down much of America’s internet in October 2016.(TheGuardian.com)    This is one of the many examples that your company dose not want to contribute.  There are other more common reason’s a hacker will infect a website, for instance distribution of pornographic links or infecting your website’s users with adware causing artificial boosting of SEO to malicious companys usually in China that do not even ship the products sold.   The hacker can even use your website to install Keylogger software to steal Credit Card numbers from your clients even though they do not enter the Credit Card on your site.  Keylogger software stays in wait on a computer system and when a user enters a series of numbers such as 16 digits in Master or Discover Cards, this information is then sent to the hacker.  The hacker can use the cards or commonly will sell the number online for as little as one dollar.

We can go on and on about the importance of having a secure site and business even if you do not take or store personal information.  One local site this month alone has received nearly 3200 failed attacks because of our protocols.

If you are interested in seeing a hackers perspective of your business online or even in your office, let us know.  We need no other access other than your permission to test.  We can then advise on how to seal up these holes in your security.  It is our wish to help Ozarks Area business to become a digital fortress not a target for low level hackers.  Let us help you.

You can contact us from our contact page and include InfoSec in the subject line or give us a call at 417-812-5660